Tuesday, August 4, 2009

THE STRIKE IS COMING! or just a test?

last week we did a health screening for our students, with co operation from Health Ministry of Perlis. the team of around 30 doctors and assistances. and the result was informed yesterday. we got 5 positive H1N1 case. our campus was infected! hmmmm we did the preventive measures such as not allowing student going out, even in weekend holidays. closing the gate to outsiders and etc, few staffs got trauma caused of the situation, like facing the death. for me, Allah is the Most Powerfull, as a slave, we accept these as qada' and qadar. "wamakaruu wamakarallah, wallahu khairul maakiriin" they planned, Allah also planned and Allah is the best planner.

the team from Health Department of Perlis is doing the screening wich held on saturday 1/8/09

suspects to be quarantined

'Cip' and Pakku the adhoc host


At 04 August, 2009 , Blogger ishaharom said...

absolutely u r right sir...our ustaz here can speak many language ar...bravo bro

At 04 August, 2009 , Blogger adanz said...

hehehe biaso la... kawe bulih belako... german b pun bley!

At 04 August, 2009 , Blogger jue mj said...

waaa... ba, tukar colour biru plak biji mata tu? tempias H1N8(virus baru) ke?


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